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How We Work

At RHG Marketing Communications we provide the marketing support you need, which could include any marketing services - 


  • Marketing Consultancy

  • Strategic & Marketing Plan Creation

  • Digital Marketing Services

  • Sales funnel set up and support


We can work however suits you best, in person, via the phone or Zoom (other conferencing software is available......). We can work on a project basis - consultancy, training or new website or on an ongoing basis for services including social media management and content creation. 


If you are just starting out on your marketing journey; re-evaluating your marketing strategy or need some extra help with a project, we will support and work with you. 

In a Meeting
Colleagues Working in Office
Open Space Office

Marketing Consultancy

Do you have a project or marketing idea that you’d love to bring to life? We work with our clients, to find out where they need our help and then offer solutions, which they can take and work on themselves or hand over to us to manage for them.


To find out more, click here.

Sales Funnel Set Up
and Support

Setting up or automating a sales process can be a real head-scratcher. We can help you set up a sales funnel, including all the steps you need to achieve a sale and bring onboard a new client without missing any steps along the way.


If you need to automate your sales process we will organise the entire project, from digitising your sales leads, setting up a database and tracking all the leads through to achieving a sale. Find out more

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