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Why it needs to be part of your marketing strategy

We haven’t used the word 3 times because we couldn’t think of a better title! Or because we weren’t sure on the spelling! It’s because we can’t highlight enough how important content is as part of your marketing strategy.

Content comes in many shapes and forms

- Blog content – that is what you are reading now, more in-depth information on a subject - generally posted on a website

- Website page content – the information which highlights your services, products and or experience to your website visitors

- Social media content – regular posts showcasing your products and services to your followers. Interaction with their comments creates and builds a relationship and makes it more likely they will buy from you in the future

Why do you need good content?

If you are searching online for information about or where to buy a product or service. You type the words in the search bar to bring up a list of results for what you are looking for .…..

The search engine – most people use Google (other search engines are available), trawls through thousands and thousands of websites to find the words the person has typed into the search bar. The websites which have the closest match appears at the top of the listing (SERP – Search Engine Results Page), and all the websites with less relevant keywords are listed below. The more relevant keywords your blog content includes, the higher up the listing your website appears.

Once you have a list of website pages listed, you click on the website which closely matches your search tern and read the information on the web page or the blog page etc.

This is the first engagement you as a prospective customer has with that company – via their website. So ensuring the right search terms are included within the structure of the content is vital to help the website and content appear when searched for.

The same applies when your customers find your website. They type in the search terms, find your website in the listing and then click on your website if the content is what they’re looking for.

Keywords and how they help

When the piece of content is written it needs to include ‘keywords’ - which you have agreed previously to be relevant to your business - these keywords will be the words and phrases the reader used to find your website and ultimately the piece of blog content.

How will it benefit your business?

The correctly structured content read by visitors to your website, gives them the knowledge they are searching for –

- It can answer their questions eg -

  • Research into buying a new product or engaging a service they need

  • Finding out information on your company and comparing with other companies

  • By answering questions and giving more information about your products and services, so they are more likely to buy from you now or in the future.

How can we help you produce relevant engaging content?

  • We work with you to create a list of keywords your customers will search for when looking for your company, product or service.

  • We recommend how often a new piece of content needs to be produced (at least once a month).

  • We agree the headline for each piece of content.

  • We write the content

  • We load the content to your website or share the content so you can upload yourself/internally.

If you’d like to talk to us about how we can work together to create engaging content, just hit the Get In Touch button above, email us or try the old fashioned way of calling us on 07802 197347.


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