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2024 Social Media Trends: A Guide for Small Businesses in the Meta Universe

Updated: Apr 19

Welcome to our first blog of 2024, we will take you through the predicted Social Media Trends for the year

Unveiling the Future: 3 Game-Changing Facebook Trends for 2024 

More AI, more video 

Hey there, Meta's going all-in on AI! They're using it to keep us hooked, bringing in more Reels and cool AI features like funky backgrounds and stickers. They're borrowing a trick or two from TikTok, making our feeds more interesting. Reels are the real deal, so if you're a brand, spice up your content to grab more of people's attention. Say goodbye to boring links because Meta's all about fun stuff, not serious news. It's not about who you follow anymore – now, it's about making every post count! 


Meta's really into mixing the real world with this new virtual world they're creating, and they're big on using 3D avatars in their apps. Get ready for a bunch of avatars on Facebook – animated posts, cool stickers, and your 3D-self becoming your online ID.

The plan? More avatar fun and games in virtual reality, maybe even moving your characters from Facebook and Instagram into those VR worlds. It's like taking your online life to a whole new level! As a business, you can explore creative ways to use avatars for your branding and connecting with your audience in the digital space. Celebrity-inspired AI chatbots are Meta's thing, but let's be real, chatting with a Kendall Jenner bot gets old quickly. Utility trumps celeb gimmicks, and the trend might dial down this year, making room for more practical AI.

Messaging Tools for Business: 

Messaging is getting all the attention, and Meta's rolling out new ad choices just for messaging. If you're running a business, get cozy with those messaging apps – they're your ticket to connecting with customers. You may have seen those "Click To Message Ads" – they're handy tools and guess what's coming? Custom AI chatbots! They'll give your customers a more personal experience when they chat with your business.

So, if you're a small business, jump on those messaging apps. Use those AI chatbots to make your customer conversations feel extra special. 

Insta-Revolution: The Coolest Trends Shaping Instagram in 2024 


AI Recommendations for Increased Engagement: 

Instagram's pushing more of those AI suggestions in your main feed, making everyone spend more time on the app. If you're running a business, this could be your golden ticket to getting more people interested in what you're posting. All you need do is get the hang of Instagram's AI tips and tricks to reach more folks. 


AI Creation Tools for Enhanced Content: 

Get ready for more fancy stuff on Instagram, all thanks to AI! They're trying out cool AI stickers, tools for editing images, and even suggestions for your DM replies. The focus is on making things look great and they're testing out different AI tricks.

Imagine this: you and your friends can create cool AI images together, like a digital art party. And soon, you might be able to tweak different parts of your photos with some nifty in-stream editing tools. It's like Instagram is getting a high-tech makeover!  

If you've got a small business, why not get a bit creative with your content? Use those fancy AI tools to make things interesting and get folks talking about what you do. It's a cool way to stand out and keep your audience hooked! 


Guess what? Instagram has got some new avatar stickers coming your way! Yep, just like Facebook, they're diving into the avatar world. These avatars will be like cool animations created by smart AI and they'll even respond to what you type.  It's like they are levelling up the fun on Instagram! If you're running a small business, why not give these avatars a spin? They could make your page more fun and eye-catching for your followers!  


AR Shopping Activations: 

Instagram is thinking about doing something cool - like bringing virtual try-ons to real stores! They're working on these fancy tech tools to let you see how stuff might look using your phone. Imagine trying on clothes without really trying them on! 

Or Imagine this – you're scrolling through Instagram, and suddenly you can virtually try on stuff using cool filters. It's like a high-tech shopping spree! And hold on to your hats, small business owners – you can get in on the action too! Use these AR options on Instagram to make shopping fun for your customers. They'll love trying things out without leaving their comfy couch! Make shopping a blast! 


Threads Unveiled: The New Era of Social Media in 2024 


Threads is making waves, due to events like the Israel-Hamas conflict. Elon Musk, the brain behind X, criticised social platforms for teaming up with governments, opening doors for Threads to shine. Musk's call-out of media bias is leading users and organisations to switch to Threads, giving X a run for its money. With new features like DMs (direct messaging) on the horizon, Threads is ready to take on X's audience. X's decisions risk losing touch, whilst Threads is playing its cards right, and might become a strong social media choice. If you're a small business, consider Threads as a fresh option for your social media game. Keep an eye on Threads' growth; it might be just what you need for your marketing strategy. Stay tuned! 


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