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  • Roseanne Myhill

Are you social enough?

You could be thinking that we are asking you if you see your friends and family often enough! After the last 18 months, most of us would probably say No – no way near enough!

What we are actually asking about, is your social media presence and if you are a small business owner, we are talking to you! Let’s ask a few questions –

- Is your business on social media?

- Why does my business need social media?

- What are the right social media channels for my business?

- Do you get enough interaction from your posts?

- Are you posting the right type of content?

- Are you posting often enough/too often?

- How often is often enough?

You know the scenario…. You are juggling 10 hats every day running your business – sales, HR, invoicing, shipping, deliveries, stock control, staff rotas, appointments, site visits, VAT returns etc etc. Now you have being thrown the social media curve ball and your immediate thought is… there aren’t enough hours in the day to add another task to your workload. And where do you start with social media? Sharing a funny video with your friends or posting photos of your recent holiday, is very different from using social media to promote your business.

There are many social media channels which you’ve heard of or already use. But which are the right channels for your business which help you reach your customers. How many can you name?.....

- Facebook

- Twitter

- Instagram

- Pinterest

- YouTube

- Houzz

- What’s App

- Snap Chat

- TicTok

- LinkedIn

The various channels have different age profiles and lend themselves to different products and services – Facebook and Twitter are suitable for almost all business profiles but LinkedIn is best if your business is B2B, along with many other options across other channels.

So now you are thinking how social media can help my business. It can –

- Drive visitors to your website

- Increase awareness of the business

- Share news about products

- Announce new products/services

- Promote sales

- Promote short term offers – ex display/money off this weekend

- Showcase project work

- Enable customers to contact you

- Offer online-customer service

- Provide out of hours contact

So now you know about the different social media channels and the benefits of using social media this is where we come in.

We can ‘do’ social media for you – recommend the right channels for your business, set up the accounts, schedule the right number of posts on each channel each week, interact with your followers when they like and comment on your posts, follow and interact with other profiles which have an affinity with your business and pass to you to follow up any sales leads or enquiries. Social media is also a fantastic way to gain customer endorsements and feedback, these comments are posted by your customers and there in black and white for other potential customers to see how your business performs. That is free PR and advertising!

We can also set up all the recommended channels and provide a schedule template, then you can manage this in-house.

If you would like to find out how we can help you – email us -

fill in the contact us box below or call us on 07802 197347. We can have a chat and offer the best social media solutions for your business.


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