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How to use Pinterest for my Artisan Business

Updated: Apr 26

Pinterest is one of the largest visual search engines and on average, 89% of users are on Pinterest for buying inspiration, making it a hugely beneficial platform for businesses. Handmade sellers and artisans can accumulate a sizeable number of customers due to the 478 million+ monthly active members using the platform, giving them the opportunity to introduce their products organically.

One of the greatest benefits for businesses using Pinterest is that it’s free! Unlike other social platforms where businesses will need to spend money on ads in order to increase engagement, reach and create traffic, there is no need to run ads for your products because the platform specialises in generating organic growth. Artisans can unlock a new market by introducing their products to Pinterest. With customers spending 20-40% more with companies they have social media engagement with, there’s no doubt that sales can be achieved. Additionally, more often than not, the main reason consumers know about a brand is via social media, which is why maintaining a strong presence online is essential. 

An innovative tool featured on Pinterest which has the ability to increase sales is e-commerce integration. This directly links your products to your website or online shop, creating a convenient way for customers to shop your products. E-commerce integration enable artisans to not only visually market their products using photographs, but also create a direct link between their presence on Pinterest and their website where visitors can browse their entire range. Not only does this help showcase their brand portfolio, but also inspires potential customers and more importantly drives traffic to their online store or website. This feature can be increasingly advantageous to the SEO, as customers become increasing familiar with their website, enhanced SEO helps the website appear higher in the search engine rankings, popularity rises and sales increase. 


E-commerce integration also combines well with Pinterest shoppable pins feature which gives users direct links to websites from images, enabling a comfortable shopping experience as customers can shop without leaving the app. Shoppable pins include product pricing and details which, in the craft/artisan industry, can be very informative for potential customers. Different pins also allow specific posts to remain relevant and have a long lifespan- these evergreen pins aren’t associated with a particular season or event, but can drive consistent traffic to a website or online store.  

Although Pinterest is commonly mistaken as a form of social media, it’s more of a hub for ideas and inspiration, formally known as visual discovery. A large population of Pinterest users are interested in discovering and saving creative ideas, making it a favourable platform for craftsmen and artisans to promote their creations and products to those who are just looking to be inspired, along with those who looking to purchase. Pinterest is also a beneficial platform to showcase visual storytelling. Images, graphics and video can be used to produce a positive narrative, surrounding your artisan business and additionally portray a memorable brand experience. Another great advantage of visual storytelling is that it can effectively communicate an artisan business’ brand values, showcase unique craftsmanship and connect to audiences on an emotional level.  


Similarly to the prominent social platforms such as Instagram or TikTok, Pinterest have their own independent form of analytical convergence where businesses can visually understand and manage their account performance. Pinterest analytics give insight into consumer behaviour and trends regarding how well your pins are doing and being interacted with. Artisans can utilise metrics accumulated from impressions, saves, and clicks to visually understand what’s working and what can be altered to change trends. 

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