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  • Roseanne Myhill

The Pros & Cons of Threads

What is Threads? 

Threads is a new social media platform from Meta (Facebook & Instagram) giving users the ability to post and share text, photos and videos whilst interacting with other users’ posts through replies, reposts and likes. With the continuous release of innovative social media platforms, it can be complicated to understand which may benefit your business best. Here are some of the Pros and Cons of using Threads for your business. 


One advantage of using Threads is its ability to increase engagement. The structure of the app encourages user engagement, by using an interactive format encouraging participation in the comment section, asking direct questions and discussing topics within a thread (hence the name). There is a sense of community that promotes active engagement through Thread content and well-crafted Threads can go viral. The opportunity for business growth is high, with the ability for your posts to reach one of the 30 million users on the platformvisibility and reach can easily be increased by sharing the right content. 


The second ‘pro’ of using Threads is the seamless ability to create an account. The app is tightly integrated with Instagram meaning anyone with a current Instagram account can easily create a Threads account, saving you lots of time. With its connection to Instagram, Threads allows its users to follow the same accounts they do on Instagram – this is particularly beneficial to larger brands with a high number of followings. 

NB Just be aware that if you follow the same accounts on Threads as you do on Instagram – anyone you have unfollowed on Instagram will be alerted so check before following ‘all,’ to avoid any personal awkwardness! 


Lastly, using Threads promotes the spread of detailed information. Businesses can provide in depth info about what they offer and craft a narrative surrounding their brand or products. This also means that complex topics can be explained and broken down into different posts allowing for comprehensive explanations, which benefits businesses by giving them the opportunity to showcase the unique value of their products or services. 


The Downsides to Threads 

Despite the benefits of Threads, it is important we consider the limitations. The platform is very new and may not survive in the long term. Although the initial popularity was promising, the future of the app is unknown. Statistics show that a month after its launch, Threads user accounts dipped by 82%; in addition to this, Threads’ average time spent on the app fell to just 2.9 mins as of August 2023 and continues to fall by 1% per day.


Business accounts and professionals cannot track impressions or engagement on the Threads platform. In comparison to Instagram, Facebook, or X, it is very difficult to track KPI’s such as engagement rates, impressions and watch times. As a business user, Threads does not accommodate tracking brand performance meaning businesses may struggle with understanding the type of content to post that will resonate with followers. 


Threads close relationship with Instagram can also cause problems for businesses, as they will not be able to delete their Threads account without initiating the deletion of their Instagram account as well. For business owners who prefer more control over their online presence, this will be a limitation. Large businesses with a high number of followers must consider whether this is the best app for the promotion of their brand. 


If you would like to explore the options of using Threads for your business, let’s have a chat. We don’t bite, but we do listen well and offer impartial advice and if we do not think Threads is the right platform for business just at the moment, we will be honest and tell you!  


Drop us a note via the contact us form, Email or if you fancy a chat right now - call 07802 197347. 

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